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Sometimes when you have a health problem, or when you feel bad, tired, or with some pain, or just to check up some information about health in generally…in the same time, knowing that  it is not easy to go to the doctor immediately, to discuss a problem with him, you, simply do not know what to do..

Fortunately, here we are. Always, when we pick up the phone, we are prepared to hear your problem, to discuss about it, to consider if  it is something serious for your health or not. If you are not our patient   do not worry, for us, all patients are very important without any difference.

Also, if you ave visited some of our doctors, are taking some medications, but aren’t sure what and when to take, also do not worry, we have your report in front of us and can help manage the problem. The same story is when you have some complains about the way you feel after the treatment or some other questions. First, we shall try to answer , but if we see that the problem is too specific, we shall  call the doctor who is responsible for your treatment to give the right answer.

In that way, we want you to feel safe and sure that in any time we care about you and your health. Very soon, we expect to have a special program for our patients, with all data which can tell about somebody’s medical treatment, about medications, allergies and all other details which are important for some person.The access to your page will be very easy, just to ” log in” with your username and password and you are there.This is very important if you are faraway and have some health problem and the doctor can read all needed details about your health in the last few years..

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