Working hours of the Medicor Specialistic practice are:
Working days from 8am to 20:30 p.m.
Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The idea to establish a Specialist practice  was born spontaneously, on one hand, as a need to provide our patients with as much health care services in one place and on the other as a desire to approach them in a different way, with confidence and experience, to help them when they need medical attention.
Quite often, justifiably unhappy with the health care services received in government healthcare facilities, patients still know how to define the problem, to say what bothers them the most, and the list of complaints could be quite long … long queues for medical examinations, short and often cursory examination without paying much attention to the problems presented, sometimes inadequate therapy, the formal check-ups…


Bearing in mind the present state of things in domestic healthcare, it wasn’t a problem to set priorities when it comes to medical problems of our patients or anyone else who contacts us for assistance. Our desire was to persevere in the effort to restore patient confidence in physicians, which is largely shaken (with due respect to those to which this story does not apply), at first contact, often during a phone conversation, and later, to show patience and understand the problem presented to us, to try to reduce the patient’s tension and concern in an appropriate manner, to adequately explain what was the problem after analyzing the issue and diagnostics, how is the condition treated, how long will it take and what is the prognosis of the disease or, the greatest happiness for a doctor – to tell the patient that his concern was unnecessary, and that he is basically healthy.

Always wishing to make another step closer to the patient, a long time practice in our facility is to conduct consultations with a preferred doctor over the phone.
There could be “old” patients who wish to check the treatment with a doctor or to express new details surrounding their illness, or potential patients who would like to know whom to contact with a health problem. It has come to our attention that this method of communication is accepted by our patients very positively and that they use it eagerly. We believe that this kind of communication strengthens the patients faith in us and gives them the opportunity to contact us without hesitation.

Specialist practice  MEDICOR was established as a specialist radiology practice in February 1994. In December of 2006. Specialist radiology practice Medicor has grown into Medicor Polyclinic in the field of radiology, internal medicine and surgery.

The owners of the Specialist practice Medicor are:

Dr Leposava Sekulovic
Prof dr Leposava Sekulović

Radiologist, Former chief of the  Institute of radiology, Military medical academy Belgrade (up to January 2016 ) . She received her Master’s degree in 2002. titled “The Importance of perforating veins diameter in the assessment of their insufficiency” , and in 2005. she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Validity of ultrasound and color Doppler diagnostics in the evaluation of moderate severity of Crohn’s disease.” She is a Associate professor at the Department of Radiology since 2014.She is also Professor of radiology in High medical school

Dr Slobodan Sekulović PHD

Radiologist, until 1993. he worked at the Military medical academy, in the Institute of radiology, as Chief of Neuroradiology section. Dr. Sekulović received his Master’s degree in 1999. with the theme “The significance of color doppler echoangiography in the diagnostics of chronical occlusive changes of the lower leg arteries”.In 2002., he successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Color Doppler echophlebography in the early detection of perforating veins insufficiency of the legs as the cause of varicose syndrome.From October 2015, he is also Professor of radiology in High medical school in Ćuprija.

dr sc med Slobodan Sekulović