despite modern methods of imaging, such are scanner or magnetic resonance imaging, has kept its importance in the most modern diagnostic centers and in various medical fields such are:

Passage of the esophagus with dysphagia, stomach and duodenum examinations in bloating, heartburn, stomach pains, heart palpitations because of stomach hernia, small bowel passage with abdominal pain, frequent stools, suspicion on the presence of a lesion in the small intestine or just a “native X-ray” recording of the abdomen due to suspicion of aggravated or paused bowel peristalsis.

Urology and nephrology

Intravenous urography in suspected presence of kidney stones, tumors, stoppage change etc.
Orthopedics with traumatology and rheumatology
In suspected fractures, cracks bones, sprains, injuries of cartilage structure, X-ray examinations of bones and joint deformities.

Cardiology and pulmonology

The examination of heart and lungs in case of suspected tumor lung change, enlargement of the heart, chest trauma and rib fractures…


(Ear Nose and Throat) examination of the paranasal cavities or other special examinations which help diagnosing inflammatory processes, tumors, fractures of facial bones,..
In our polyclinic, you are able, if necessary, to make any examination of the above-mentioned areas with the use of the most contemporary technologies of digital x-ray apparatus and therefore the equipment that produces minimal radiation …

also a radiological method which has been applied in almost all fields of medicine…

Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs:

Liver, bile duct, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands,bladder, prostate, abdominal aorta, ..
Certainly the most common examination in the field of ultrasound diagnostics, because in a short time, very reliable and painless, it can help us in the diagnosis of many diseases of abdominal organs such are fatty liver, tumors, cysts and abscesses of the liver, inflammation of the bile ducts and gallbladder, as well as stones and tumors of the gallbladder, inflammation and pancreatic tumors, cysts, tumors, kidney stones and kidney brake changes, as well as diseases of the adrenal glands, tumors and inflammation of the bladder or prostate, or closure of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta-extension, or it can make us conclude that the examined organs are healthy.

Neck ultrasonography:

Thyroid, parotid, submandibular gland and parathyroid, lymph glands. Very common examinations at our facility, because thyroid and parathyroid gland diseases are very frequent – with frequent occurrence of stones in the kidney, salivary glands inflammation, tumors of different origin, enlargement of lymph glands , the appearance of cysts on the neck..

Ultrasound examination of the breasts and axillary regions

Extremely important examination which needs to be done at least once a year because the number of newly detected breast cancer increases annually. Exceptionally large number of patients with certain changes also require regular check-ups, often, lactation leads to inflammation in the breast tissue, which also with adequate therapy should be monitored by ultrasound examination .. Examination of the axillary region (axillary pit) is also a significant segment of the review because the magnified lymph glands often appear in this section and direct the future course of diagnostic activities.

Ultrasound examination of soft tissue and joints:

Examination of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles-especially important in suspected muscle injury -partial or complete rupture or tearing of muscle-mass, the appearance of clotted blood-hematoma, stretching or tearing of tendons, joints injury-especially common in stifle, pop, elbow and shoulder joints. Various degenerative diseases, especially in the shoulder area are more frequent, and the most accessible diagnostic procedure in that situation is the ultrasound.

Ultrasound examination of gynecological region

Ovary and uterus, often crucial for the suspected tumor of the uterus, ovaries, ovarian cystic disease, the ectopic pregnancy, marital fertility, …

Ultrasound in pregnancy

It is simply unthinkable in today’s world, that from the moment of discovering the pregnancy, further controls are not performed with ultrasound examinations. There is a well developed range of parameters which help at each stage of pregnancy to follow the fetal position, structural parts, heart rate , the determination of amniotic fluid and the ultrasound findings etc. Ultrasound findings determine the manner of delivery in the final stages of pregnancy.

Ultrasound examination of the scrotum and penis

In injuries, tumors, inflammation processes, impotence, but also with marital fertility, ..

Ultrasound examination of the heart

In suspicion of the presence of congenital heart disease, a longtime high blood pressure, valve disease, pleural effusion in the pericardial sac, heart failure and more.

Ultrasound examination of the hip in infants

At birth and check-ups, of particular importance in infants whose parents or close relatives have had congenital impairments in hips.


Over the last several decades, ultrasound units are made with Doppler option. Thanks to Austrian physicist Christian Doppler, we are able to examine the blood vessels (arteries and veins) analyzing the flow rate through them, thus giving us a complete impression of a blood vessel reviewed with the vessel in the transverse or longitudinal section. There are numerous examples where the use of color Doppler examination is essential, let us mention some of the most important:

Mitral regurgitation
A complete dynamic ultrasound of the heart with a complete examination of the heart cavities and walls but also the behavior of valves, as well as assessment of the possible presence of congenital heart disease, type of disability and assessment of severity and its prognosis, a very accurate assessment of “strength” of the heart, in patients with myocardial infarction assessment of affected areas, the severity of the findings and recommendations for further treatment, control of postoperative heart conditions etc. An integral part of the examination is an overview of pericardium, determining the presence of fluid in it, treatment and monitoring of disease progression.

Color Doppler of blood vessels in the neck

With examination of carotid and vertebral artery (main arteries carrying blood to the brain) the quality of blood vessels and the amount of blood that reaches the brain can be assessed reliably. In that way, very often, we are able to reliably help people with dizziness, vertigo, a feeling of unsettlement. Special area includes states in which almost always very changed and diseased blood vessels are found, such are in conditions of excessive levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood as well as for those who are long-time diabetics. The risk group includes patients who have elevated blood pressure, especially varied, which is a common reason for occurrence of a stroke.

Carotid dissection
The genetic component should not be ignored either, because very often in patients who come to us with the changes of blood vessels that lead in relation to age, later in conversation, we hear that their closest relatives suffered early from blood vessels, heart, or both. Smokers are also a risky group for the occurrence of changes in blood vessels. This examination is of particular importance in patients who are registered with a serious narrowing of the carotid arteries, which in perspective, if nothing is done, could lead to permanent occlusion of blood vessels with possible severe neurological complications and often death. Modern vascular surgery is at such a level that, the above-mentioned problems are easily solved with just a few days in hospital after surgery, with extremely rare complications.
An examination of veins of the neck (vertebral and jugular) and cerebral vein (Galen and Rosenthal vein) has become a special diagnostic area in recent years in patients with established Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In these patients, MR examination registers brain areas where there is deposition of ferrous oxide that is reasonably suspected to arise as a consequence of changes in venous flow through the veins of the head and neck. A special Zamboni protocol which could be done at our facility too, is performed for these venous vessels and reaches the conclusion whether there is any disruption in the venous circulation that could justify the presence of ferrous oxide in the brain tissue. According to modern available literature there is a high incidence of cured or in clinical terms, significantly improved conditions of MS in patients which were set up with the required physiology of venous flow after the intervention on the venous blood vessels that were found altered.

Trans Cranial Doppler (TCD)

Color Doppler examination of brain blood vessel is especially important for patients with whom we expect changes at that level too, because while reviewing the neck vessels we register serious pathological processes (narrowing of arteries, significantly reduced flow or permanently clogged blood vessel, etc.). Also, quite often during the examination, the presence of of brain blood vessels abnormalities could be registered and sometimes (rarely) the presence of arterial-venous complications. We are once again going to emphasize the importance of the Zamboni protocol for veins in the brain (Galen and Rosenthal) within the entire perception (morphology) and physiology of the veins of the brain and extracranial veins (neck veins) in patients with established Multiple sclerosis.

Color Doppler of arm blood vessels (upper extremities)

Examination of the arteries of both arms, from subclavian artery to finishing branches around the wrist includes registration of even the smallest changes which can lead to narrowing of the arteries when patients complain of cold hands, discoloration of the skin, numbness, pain … We are able to monitor the appearance of superficial and deep veins of the hand and the quality of flow through them, which is of particular relevance for the presence or absence of thrombosis, especially if there is swelling of the arm, redness or pain.

Color Doppler of leg blood vessels (lower extremities)

If there is pain (especially when walking), changes in skin color, coldness in part or in whole leg.. it is a sign that there were changes in blood vessels, either as a narrowing or blockage of the arteries, which can be accurately registered with this examination. The risk group particularly includes patients who have hypertension and cardiac diseases (angina pectoris, heart skipping), diabetics, smokers (smoker’s leg), patients with high levels of blood fats, those who have family history (stroke and heart attack in close family). Also, swollen legs, pain, redness, .. require urgent examination in order to exclude or confirm the existence of thrombosis, particularly dangerous deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the legs which requires immediate treatment by a vascular surgeon, or even hospitalization, because there is a real danger of penetration of the thrombus mass in the lung tissue with severe, often fatal outcome if measures of intensive care are not taken shortly.

Color Doppler of liver blood vessels

Liver diseases such are cirrhosis, hepatitis, tumors, hemangiomas etc., require assessment of the blood vessels condition which is important for assessing the degree of the damage which the liver suffered and for further steps which need to be taken for therapeutic causes. The state of the hepatic artery is being assessed as well as artery in prehepatic and intrahepatic part, the same applies to the state of the hepatic veins, and a special section includes the examination of portal vein and its branches. In a time when liver transplants are common, patient preoperative preparation and especially check-ups during surgery and those done in first days after the surgery would not be possible without color Doppler examination of the liver blood vessels.

Color Doppler of kidney blood vessels

This examination is of great importance for patients who have unregulated, often high blood pressure, and through this examination radiologists reach the conclusion whether the kidneys are the reason for the height of this problem. Young people often face an inexplicable rise of blood pressure, and one factor causing it may be change on the renal arteries (so-called fibro muscular dysplasia). Also, other kidney diseases: benign and malignant tumors, hemangiomas, .. require color doppler echoangyographic examination.

Color Doppler of the penis and scrotum blood vessels

For patients who have problems with impotence and infertility it is necessary to undergo this examination, because the narrowing of the penile or scrotum arteries lead to poor nutrition of the tissue and affect potency. With injuries of the scrotum and penis as well as swellings, changes in color and structure of skin and other pathological conditions originating from the male sex organ, this examination certainly helps to put the right diagnosis and afterwards the treatment as well.

Color Doppler of the abdominal aorta

Examination of the abdominal aorta involves determining its direction, position, appearance of the wall and its cross section diameter – If there is doubt on expanding aorta (aneurysm) and quality of blood flow to that segment. Also, atherosclerotic changes can lead to very pronounced narrowing of the diameter of the abdominal aorta and its main branches that nourish the intestines, kidneys, liver … and lower extremities as well. Patients with cardiovascular problems, diabetics, smokers, those with increased fat in the blood, those with a family history of these diseases, as well as after trauma and other pathological conditions, form a group of high risk patients where changes on this very important artery could be found and promptly seek medical advice from a vascular surgeon if necessary.

Color Doppler of AV fistula for dialysis

Also an important part of daily work in vascular laboratories includes examination and assessment of potential arteries and veins condition necessary to create the AV fistula through which dialysis is done with patients with renal insufficiency. Periodic check-ups of the AV fistula are of great importance for providing patients with optimal dialysis. All of the examinations mentioned above can be performed in the Polyclinic Medicor, but in the patient’s home as well.


Covers an incredibly large segment of modern medicine and there is almost no area in which surgery is not represented – from reconstructive surgery, orthopedic trauma, surgery of eye, throat, ear and nose, urological, vascular and thoracic surgery to the most complicated brain surgery, heart surgery and transplantation.
In this chapter we will devote more attention to those surgical disciplines that are present in the Specialist practice  Medicor and surgical procedures which are available. All surgical interventions in our practice  are performed under local anesthesia so it is not necessary to repeat that fact with the description of certain procedures.

The area of vascular surgery

This area is very much present in our polyclinic, probably as a result of many years of experience in diagnostics and treatment of vascular patients. The leading vascular surgeon in Specialist practice  Medicor is Prof dr Goran Vučurević . In most cases, treatment of vascular patients in our practice refers to the treatment of severe cases of clogging in the main thigh and shin arteries on the basis of atherosclerotic, metabolic (unregulated long-standing diabetes, increased fat in the serum, ..) or change as a result of chronic smoking with very difficult walking, often no longer than 100 meters without pain, with the appearance of gangrene or threatening amputation. Also, a large number of patients refer to those with a very profound or superficial venous thrombosis, including deep venous thrombosis which is a very serious disease, often life-threatening if unrecognized in time, which requires prompt and timely therapy, laboratory monitoring of patients as well as other measures by an experienced vascular surgeon. Out of the interventions which

The area of orthopedics with traumatology

Represented in part related to the intervention caused by suspicion for the presence of dislocations or fractures, where thanks to an X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics and clinical examination, we can immediately set a diagnose and with the same means test the effects of repositioning and fixation of the injured joint or bone to which we have previously registered the changes. The leading orthopedic surgeons at the Polyclinic Medicor are Prof Dr Dragan Nikolic, a longtime head of Orthopedics and traumatology clinic of the Military medical academy, and current head of the same clinic dr Milimir Košutić.

The area of urology

Field of urology is present mostly in patients with suspected presence of stones or sand in the kidney, urinary canal or bladder. Various urinary tract inflammatory conditions are also not rear. Special area includes prostate diseases, often with modern medicament therapy, manageable conditions that require periodic check ups. Out of urological surgical procedures performed in the Specialist practice  Medicor we should mention phrenulotomy as well as circumcision and removal of genital warts in the genital region by thermocauterization. Replacement of urological catheters at the Polyclinic or at a patient’s home is also a part of everyday activities. The leading urologists in the Polyclinic are Prof dr Borislav Stijelja a longtime head of Urology clinic of Military medical academy and Prof  dr Dejan Elaković, also former head of Urologic clinic MMA .


Much like when we talked about SURGERY as a field, we will not pay attention to internal medicine with a focus on all of its branches, but rather from the position of those areas of Internal medicine represented in the Specialist practice Medicor.


Branch of internal medicine led by Prof dr  Dragan Tavčioski, sub-specialist in cardiology, former Head of the Clinic of Cardiology at the Military medical academy. Available to patients are multi-channel ECG apparatus by famous brand Hellige, color Doppler echocardiography examination performed on Esaote My Lab 50 device, as well as blood pressure Holters and ECG by renowned company Del Mar.Also, great doctors in cardiology are Docent dr Predrag Đurić and dr Predrag Bogdanović, both from the same Clinic of MMA.
Feeling of suffocation in the chest with minimal effort, or worse, the same sense without any effort, unregulated high blood pressure for years, cardiac arrhythmia, the mere knowledge of family history of heart disease, long-term presence of risk factors (smoking, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, unregulated diabetes), or simply wish to check the condition without symptoms, are all motives governing when patients come to the cardiac examination in the Specialist practice Medicor.


The area also very present at the Specialist practice Medicor, partially as a result of increase of the number of patients with digestive problems (continuous stress, irregular and poor quality fast-food, ..) and partly because of the reputation of our gastroenterologists  Prof dr Radoja Dodera and Docent dr Branka Roganović, both from the Clinic of Gastroenterology MMA.At our practice, in addition to standard gastroenterological exam, you are able to do a gastroscopical or a colonoscopical examination. Patients who wish so, may ask for these examinations to be performed in conditions of mild sedation, enough to make the check up absolutely simple.

Hematology (blood diseases)
Standard examination by a hematologist specialist, usually caused by anemia of various samples. A complex branch of internal medicine which deals also with more complex blood diseases from coagulation factor disorders (often inherited) to malignant blood diseases – Hochkin lymphoma, leukemia etc. .The leading hematologist with us is dr Marija Elez , from the Clinic of Hematology  Military medical academy Belgrade.

Nephrology (kidney diseases)
The field of internal medicine concerned with diseases of kidney tissue. Also a complex area of internal medicine which studies and treats various pathological conditions of renal functions from inflammatory forms of different origins and causes, through the state of kidney failure (renal insufficiency) – when the only cure for a patient is continuing dialysis, to preparation of the patient and his check ups after kidney transplantation. The leading nephrologist with us in Medicor practice is dr Josip Buturajac from Nephrology clinic of Military medical academy Belgrade.

Area of medicine which deals with a number of diseases ranging from those more simple – inflammation of the nerve, sciatica, .. of temporary nature to very serious and uncertain diseases such are Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis etc. A special chapter includes treatment of patients with transient or permanent consequences as a result of cerebral infarction (stroke), depending on the localization of stroke. Leading neurologists in Medicor practice is  dr Danijela Barjaktarević

Area of medicine that is more present here in recent years. Pace of life, continuous stress at work and in the environment, uncertainty about jobs and basic existence, often lead to anxious behavior. Various types of phobias (fears) also represent a contemporary psychiatric problem which is successfully cured. A special psychiatric chapter includes neuroses, mild or more severe depression but also more serious diseases like psychosis, bipolar personality, etc. The leading neuropsyhiatrist with us are Prof dr Vladimir Diligenski, and Docent  dr Vesna Tepšić.

A large field of medicine which also deals with sexual diseases in addition to those of the skin. There is a large number of skindiseases, some of them easily solvable and some more complicated and often incurable, including illnesses that are associated with systemic diseases, are a part of daily work of a dermatologist specialist. The leading dermatologist with us is dr Tomislav Mladenović from dermatology clinic of Military medical academy in Belgrade.

Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat diseases)
A Standard ENT review can be done at the Specialist practice Medicor but also some more demanding diagnostic methods. With suspected massive mastoid disease, changes in the pyramid of temporal bone etc. are available to us and the possibility of X-ray examination of these regions-special mastoid examinations by Schuller, the pyramid by Stenvers etc. The leading ORL specialists in Medicor practice is  dr Branislav Stanišljević.

Also a large chapter in internal medicine which deals with various diseases of joints, muscles and chord apparatus of isolated or systemic origin. The leading rhematologist with us is Prof dr D.Stefanović, former Head of Rheumatology clinic of Military medical academy

Branch of internal medicine which deals with diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. There is a long list of lung diseases from the simplest type of bronchitis, to obstructive lung diseases and systemic diseases emphysema and type of sarcoidosis or interstitial lung fibrosis all of those in the group of non malignant lung diseases. A special chapter are the malignant lung diseases which are unfortunately on the rise both in the world and our country. The leading pulmonologist in  Medicor practice  is Prof dr Goran Plavec, from  Pulmonology clinic  of Military medicla academy and dr H. Malićević.

Extremely significant area of internal medicine which deals with the organism defense from the harmful agents of different origin which in the form of antigens trigger the immune mechanism of response. Special area of immunology is the study and treatment of autoimmune conditions where the body, roughly speaking, in certain circumstances, does not recognize its own tissues and sees it as an antigen and initiate the immune mechanism of response. A typical example is Hashimoto thyreoiditis – inflammation of the thyroid gland which often ends with disfunction of this important gland and the transition to a substitution – lifetime daily intake of hormones of the thyroid gland for normal functioning. Special chapter includes allergies – one of the side effects of immunity. The leading endocrinologist in Medicor practice is dr Jelena Karajović from the Clinic of Endocrinology MMA.

Treatment of child patients from diseases that are related to their age but also, unfortunately, from those affecting adults, often incurable in spite of tremendous progress in all areas of medicine. The leading specialist in pediatrics with us is dr M.Bogdanović


As with any serious medical institution, in our polyclinic too, laboratory has its special place in significance and consists of the following segments:
Regular check ups are done in the laboratory as well as the accuracy of the findings issued.